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This page is a guide for anyone learning more about web development, app development, project management, backend, and Oasis tools.

It was created for participants of Oasis at Northeastern University, but all are welcome to benefit from and share it. It’s a work in progress and we encourage additions to what we’ve curated so far.


📕 Resources by Session (Spring 2024)

🛠️ Project Management


Version Control

Essentials: Waterfall, Agile, & Scrum

Interactive Sprint Simulation

Managing Scope

Using a Projects Board

🗄️ Backend

Data Design

🌐 Web Development

Installing Visual Studio Code

Web Essentials (HTML, CSS, & JS)

React Basics (Setup, State, & Props)

Building Your First Site (Profile Generator)

Deploy your site!

Console & Inspector






💻 iOS App Development

Installing Xcode

Building Your First App (Wolly’s Mobile)

Essential Techniques

Data Persistence

Working with APIs in Swift (Joke Generator)

Additional Swift Specific Resources

🎨 Design

Brand (coming soon)

UI & UX 101


Research & Design (coming soon)

Brand & Design (coming soon)